Sunday, 13 October 2013

Vocabulary? Fun? Nope. No Kidding.

A really good vocabulary is not every programmer's game. And sitting and studying for the GRE is not every programmer's dream either. Why? Because it is simply boring. But unfortunately for some of us, we don't have a choice. Colleges don't look at the amount of code you have written or how much you seem to know to get your way around technical situations. They all want a transcript claiming you have aced a bunch of useless exams. And if you cant produce that, you definitely need a similar one from ETS. To produce the latter you have got to crack the GRE. Well again, cracking GRE doesn't just involve doing some easy 10th grade math, it involves some mind boggling vocabulary skills.

Studying in NIT Calicut, is not helping me in any way either. I'm not blaming anyone for this. But that's that. There is nothing one can do about it. Sitting in my final year of B.Tech (Computer Science), I have many interesting things to do. I have all the ideas and opportunities I have always wanted. But guess what? Life is a bitch. Now, I have no TIME. Sounds very lame when people say time management is important. But unfortunately those people are right.

Thinking about starting to study for the GRE itself simply bought me some anxiety issues.(Kaplan was not making things simpler) But then, I found this FUN way to improve my vocabulary. (I got to know from some of my friends actually) Trust me, its true. At, without realising you are improving your vocabulary, you will be busy trying to earn badges and crack levels. Some very nice people have taken their time make test prep. lists for GRE.

No, I have not cracked the GRE yet. I have scheduled mine for the next week. (19th October).

Yes, I will ace it, may be not in the first attempt. I have time for one more attempt before I start going crazy with my college application process.

Cheers :)


  1. Everything is backwards. Take, for example "Maslow's Hierarchy" First, it's a hierarchy of values, too.
    But mostly, all you have to do is flip the triangle ▲▼ and it makes sense immediately. (in re FMK, it's a chop).
    Education is fitting the person to the system. Eupsychian education is fitting the Education to the Person.
    Why do we always drive backward in a res car? Anyway, I'm working wth the Blackfoor (Siksika) vocabulary and it's hierarchical and relates to UNIX as well. Look at Maslow and UNIX with root at the bottom. And the constant pounding of the Maslow upside down has corrupted a concept. Just the darn triangle. "You don't grow a tree from the top" , etc

    Maslow spent some time with the Blackfoot, and got some paradigm change with his later writings, but it didn't have one special thing: the Pyramid looking up through life in terms of support from beneath instead of above. Western pattern over it corrupted the whole thing.

  2. I agree. You most certainly cannot grow a tree from the top. But, if I were to grow all the trees bottom-up from the roots, I'd have a whole bunch of half grown tree's in the given time constraints. Like I said in the post, people don't quite have the time, to master all aspects. So naturally, they tend to opt the "western pattern" to speed things up!

    If your suggestion were to be considered to (in my case), some aspect of Computer science for example , then yes, I do not believe in top-down approaches. Simply because I chose to want to know things the hard way, because it is the right way.

    In short, the interpretation of Maslow's hierarchy should be left to one's choice.

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